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Why I’m behind on blogging

We welcomed this little guy in August!  I have lots of weddings and engagements to share…  I’ll be catching up on all of my blogging when he gives mama a chance.  :)


What I’ve been up to!

Hi everyone!  Something very exciting happening over at the Wall household.  This week we welcomed our first daughter, Grace!  I’m doing my best to keep up with emails – I appreciate your patience with me during this time.  :)


My family

I don’t blog about my personal life much, but one of my 2012 goals it to do that more.  Blog readers – meet my family!  I happen to think I have one of the best husbands ever, by the way.  His name is Pete and he is awesome.  From day one when I had this crazy idea that I wanted to be a photographer when I grow up he has done nothing but encourage and support me.  The little doggie in the photo is my best bud Olive.  During the day she keeps me company.  It may sound silly, but for a people person like me – working from home was a huge adjustment and it gets pretty lonely.  Having her around makes it so much better!

Thank you to my friend and amazing 2nd photographer, Karin Newstrom, for taking this photo of us!

2011 was a big growing year for me – on the techie side I’m enjoying learning and and adding lots of off camera flash lighting tricks, grew friendships with my photographer colleagues, continued to find ways to keep more balance in my work and personal life, got myself a treadmill desk, watched ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ for the first time, and made the move to have my very own gallery space in Minneapolis!  I’m excited for what 2012 will bring.  It’s gonna be legen… wait for it… DAIRY!

  • Brooke Ringdahl - So cute! I can’t wait to meet Olive someday soon.ReplyCancel

  • Leslie Donohue - Very cute post Betsy!! You guys look adorable!! Congrats to a great 2011 and wishing you an even better 2012!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Smith - Cute Family Betsy! These pictures turned out great!ReplyCancel

  • Pete - It’s too great that you can see the MacBook through the front window…ReplyCancel

  • Michelle - I didn’t know you have a gallery-way cool! I would love to see it!ReplyCancel

  • Heidi - Cute doggie! Love these pics of your little clan. I also love houses with red doors – so adorable! :)ReplyCancel

a little time to breathe

As you can see in the last blog post – my husband and I recently visited California (Santa Cruz to be exact) for my friends – brooke and yak.  Pete and I arrived a few days early to do a little vacationing ourselves.  Earlier this year we planned the trip – sightseeing and things… but I didn’t realize at the time was how much we needed this time.  We landed in San Francisco – but we didn’t want much to do with a city, so we got in our car and headed south on Highway 1 to get away from everything.  Our first stop was this adorable cafe along the coast.  I once had a dream of opening a cafe – and this is exactly what it would be like.  We enjoyed some tasty meals, too.

My husband, Pete (who doesn’t get nearly enough credit on this blog… he helps so much during wedding season!)  On the right – some chocolate chip cookies we ordered for the road.  Be jealous – they were as delicious as they looked. :)

We stopped in Monterey to visit the aquarium there.  It has triggered a mutual obsession Pete and I now have with ocean life… our nights are filled with watching any ocean documentary netflix streaming has! :)

Obligatory aquarium life photo!  I can’t decide of jellyfish are beautiful, or gross.  (My assistant, Karin, would probably say they are disgusting.  She had a bad stinging encounter with one of them on her recent trip to Jamaica.)

… and now for my favorite part.  We stopped along this beach during our drive.  It was incredible.  Also to note- one of the worst decisions ever was neglecting to bring a wide angle lens, and a full sensor camera.  It was cramping my style!  I made up my mind in this moment – this is the most beautiful place I have ever set foot, to date.

The two images below were captured standing in the same spot.  I had no idea California had scenery like this!  Amazing colors, and a beautiful beach…  Succulent plants that we have to buy at our gardening stores grow here like wildflowers!  I kept saying over and over “UGH… it is KILLING me not to be doing an engagement session right now.  Ahhhh!!”  Between the mountains, wooden fences, paths between wildflowers, beach, and PERFECT lighting I was beside myself.  Hopefully someday I will return for a session.

I keep going back to this afternoon…  it was this oasis of peace in the midst of the busiest part of my wedding season.  I can’t describe it well… I haven’t felt this sort of calm in a long time.  I have such difficulty taking time for myself when there is so much else to do between remodeling our home, shooting weddings, & keeping up with it all.  I left this place feeling at peace, refreshed- and unexpectedly so – a new sense of excitement and creativity for photography.

  • brooke - ahh….the ocean! it really is such a relaxing and refreshing place to be. :) i’m so glad you guys got some quality downtime while you were out here!ReplyCancel

  • Karin - I would say jellyfish are beautiful, but unfriendly. Stunning images!! I love the arty jellyfish shots and the salmon (or other fish?) looks to die for! :)ReplyCancel

  • DeAnna - Betsy! We would have loved to be doing our engagement session there! Beautiful pictures. I’m glad that you got all refreshed though, and we’re looking forward to tomorrow!ReplyCancel

  • Pete - That was fun and a beautiful place. I like how you labeled “On the right… cookies” just in case people might confuse me with them. Here’s to more time to breathe coming soon!ReplyCancel

  • judi - Betsy – you bring back memories of my first trip to California. Love these shots – especially that last seascape – I want it blown up on my living room wall.ReplyCancel