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Amanda & Gunnar engagement

I couldn’t be more excited to show off Amanda and Gunnar’s engagement photos!  These two are so completely in love and pretty much the easiest people ever to photograph.  I left with that total “photograph high,” reminding me of the reason I chose to be a photographer when I grow up. :)

Ice cream.  And I had my own malt, too.  Just another perk of the job….

Part two was a totally different look – they love to go to antique stores in Stillwater to collect vintage books.  It was totally fitting for them to drink tea while reading a few of their favorite books for part 2 of the session.  The sunlight was about as perfect as it can get!!!!

I LOVE this photo on the right.  They totally rock the relaxed/serious portrait look.  Someone please help me – Amanda reminds me of an actress but I cannot for the life of me figure out who!!!


Hali & Drew engaged!

I had a blast with Hali and Drew… they are so fun, enjoy life and have an amazing sense of humor.  I loved the personal touches we added to the session.  Lots of laughter and a good time had by all!  Let’s not forget about their sweet doggie Harley (who gave me his best Magnum pose for pics).    Enjoy the slideshow!

Sara & Rod

Sara and Rod!!!!!  I had such a blast with these two.  This almost was the session that never happened – it started to storm about 10 minutes into the session.  We had waited sooo long for this to happen (already rescheduled due to the rainy spring and summer) so we waited it out.  And BAM- the sun came out and gave us a beautiful evening for a shoot!

At the end of each session, I’m playing a game where I just try something.  Something new, with the possibility that I might fail completely.  But I also might end up creating some images that are new and fun and something different.  So that’s what I did below, and I love the sequence of images that turned out!  The last one is totally not in focus at all, but it’s one of my favorites.  Thank you Sara and Rod for letting me play and have fun!!