brak (= brooke + yak!)

And how do I even start in with this wedding?  I suppose I’ll start with how I met brooke.  We both went to Bethel University in Minneapolis…. and we  met because we are geeks. :)   Our sophomore year of school – we were hired to work at the IT Help Desk.  During training – there were only a few girls and brooke was one of them.  Little did I know, the people I worked with at the IT Help Desk ended up being my best group of college friends.  By senior year- brooke and I were roomies in a luxurious apartment that had 694 right outside of our bedroom windows and a large Christmas tree wall cutout that stayed up in our apartment year long.  Some of my favorite memories include:

–  Singing loudly to Dashboard Confessional music while driving around in her Jetta

–  Brooke introducing me to J.Crew (and ohhhh the obsession you started!)

–  Lots and lots of Game Cube Mario Kart

–  Watching our friend Seth Cohen on the O.C. and our subsequent O.C. inspired “Chrismukkah” parties.

A few years ago brooke’s job transferred  her to her home state of California.  Then all of a sudden we started to hear about this boy, Yak…  I’ve gotten to know Yak a little – but I have to say, after hanging out with him for an entire day at the wedding I couldn’t be happier for my friend.  Now – onto the photos!  :)

I’ve photographed a friend’s wedding before, but it’s so weird for me… to look down at my camera’s screen to see my friend in there.  Brooke – you are so lovely inside and out!


A first look moment on the beach.  Absolutely amazing… and I love how the wind makes for super beautiful and emotion photos.

For a Minnesota girl – being on any oceanside beach is a bit surreal and exciting.  The below photo is one of my favorites of the day!

Couldn’t have loved the vibe of this wedding more.  Brooke’s dress was custom made by Siri.  Totally in love with the flowers as well!

Probably laughing at my trademark laser noises. hahah  I love this photo because I can hear brooke’s laugh!

My friend is so pretty!  :)

Brooke and I both had some chuck’s in our wedding!

The ceremony and reception was at Peachwoods Inn.


Cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes!

Yak’s nose squish totally makes the dance photo for me.  Super cute, and full of emotion.

Whoo whoo for my friends, brooke and yak (and to all of the other blog readers… using all lower case letters is intentional here!)  :)  Thank you so much for entrusting me with your wedding photos.  It means the world to me!

  • Karin - Gorgeous images of a lovely wedding! Let’s move to CA… ok? :)ReplyCancel

  • Wendy - Great photos! I am getting married in this same spot, I am wondering what is the name of the place where the wooden bridge is at?ReplyCancel

    • admin - Thank you Wendy! I’m actually out in Minneapolis, so I can’t give you exact directions to that spot. I will ask brook and maybe she can give directions. :)ReplyCancel

  • brooke - hi wendy! the wooden bridge is at golf club drive and hwy 9 – we took the portraits a little further down golf club drive. here’s a map, if that helps: congratulations! :)ReplyCancel